Odessa Wine Festival!


Odessa Wine Festival! 🤩 A Magical Event in Odessa! ENTRANCE FREE Favorite music bands, DJs and popular MCs for the festival visitors. Contests, giveaways and a lot of other fun ...




This weekend, Kyiv hosted a spectacular Sailing Race “HIGH LIFE REGATTA 2021” and a noisy party on its occasion on the embankment of The Mayachok Restaurant. ...


SCANDAL at the gangster party!


This weekend, SCANDAL is at a hot gangster party! The atmosphere, the elegance, the dare and of course SCANDAL – all you need to make your evening truly unforgettable! ...


The best entrepreneurs were awarded in Poltava – and VITALFOOD is among them!


Look forward to a juicy SCANDAL on Tsentralny TV Channel! VITALFOOD Company had a victory among 22 participants of I-Business promotional video competition about the development of their own business. VITALFOOD received a certificate from Tsentralny TV Channel as an award. In addition, as a result of the team's hard work, VITALFOOD received a Certificate of Acknowledgement for its active public position and assistance to the Poltava community in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 disease and overcoming its consequences. The event was ...


Explosion of SCANDAL emotions in Odesa!


Odesa is a jolly, romantic, sunny, emotional city with a taste of sale and of course SCANDAL! The three days of the Ice Cream and Sweets Festival in Gorky Park flew so quickly, but they were incredibly busy: dozens of songs and dances by young stars, thousands of smiles, contests and fun. The most active visitors received gifts – ice cream for adults, SCANDAL T-shirts and branded backpacks. The SCANDA’ous Bartender Show caused a wave of admiration! Don't be upset if you didn't visit the festival for it's easy to get the same ...


SCANDAL’s weekend!


Do you know how much SCANDAL Ice Cream was eaten by the visitors to the Ice Cream Festival that took place this weekend at the outlet city “Manufaktura” in Kyiv? More than 300 portions! Not only did the visitors enjoy the taste of the SCANDAL alcohol-infused ice cream, which was a real discovery and this summer’s hit, but also had fun by taking part in various contests and activities. Thus, more than 5 boxes of ice cream for adults, SCANDAL T-shirts and convenient backpacks have found their ...


What a scandalous SCANDAL®!


“The name for the alcohol-infused ice cream took a long time to come up with as it had to be original and catchy, just like the product itself”, says company co-founder Mr. Oleh Koltsov. “We had a list of more than 100 prospective names and crossed them out little by little until they were 20 left. However, we still had no unanimously chosen favorite. During the period of discussing the idea of alcohol-infused ice cream, a friend of ours who knows the ice cream market very well said: “Ice Cream for Adults? Cool idea! Well, you’ll ...